Monday, September 6, 2010

Q2 2010 Airline Financial Results

Revenue: $8.7 billion +17%
Net Income: +$467.0 million
Cash Balance: $6.0 billion


Delta said it expects to be solidly profitable for the year.
But it's reducing the size of its fleet by 20 aircraft next year on top of the 91 fewer it expects to have by the end of this year. And it doesn't expect to increase capacity much this year or in 2011, signs of a cautious approach with the strength of the U.S. economic recovery in question. Another sign: Delta is hoarding its cash.

Revenue: $5.16 billion +28%
Net Income: +$273.0 million
Cash Balance: $4.91 billion


United is getting some $400 million a year in baggage fees, but said they could eventually collect $1 billion in baggage fees alone. United still expects to close its combination with Continental Airlines Inc. by the end of the year.

Revenue: $5.67 billion +16%
Net Loss: -$10.7 million
Cash Balance: $5.5 billion


That's a big improvement for American, the nation's second-largest airline, from last year's loss of $390 million. Still, American's loss stands out against big profits reported this week at rivals Delta and United. American is pinning its hopes for recovery on a strategy of focusing flights at a handful of big hub airports and boosting revenue by working more closely with international partners. American also said Wednesday it ordered 35 more Boeing 737-800 jets as it upgrades its fleet and phases out gas-guzzling older McDonnell Douglas planes. The airline had already ordered 84 737s, which it started receiving in April 2009. AMR recently announced it was considering selling or spinning off American Eagle.

Revenue: $3.71 billion +19%
Net Income: +$233.0 million
Cash Balance: $3.5 billion


Continental made less money in the second quarter than Delta, United and US Airways, which between them combined to earn $1 billion in the April-through-June period. But Continental's ratio of profit to revenue was better than Delta's and United's. Continental raised doubts about what will happen once the peak summer travel season ends. It said advanced bookings for the next six weeks are running 1 to 2 percentage points behind last year's pace.

Revenue: $3.17 billion +19%
Net Income: +$279.0 million
Cash Balance: $1.99 billion


"This feels to us like a tepid recovery, and one that isn't getting rapidly better,
but certainly isn't double-dipping or getting any worse," US Airways stated. With its financing improving, the bank that processes the airline's credit card payments released $36 million of cash it had been holding back. US Airways expects to get another $50 million back next month.

Revenue: $3.17 billion +21%
Net Income: +$112.0 million
Cash Balance: $3.4 billion


Southwest said current year capacity will be flat. No fleet growth is planned for 2011 and 2012, but utilization will likely increase modestly in 2011. The airline would decide this year whether to fly international routes. If the airline were to pursue routes outside the United States, it would take a multiyear effort. The company is looking to offer wireless Internet on its flights by around 2013
and upgrade its frequent flier program.

Revenue: $939.0 million +8.5%
Net Income: +$30.0 million
Cash Balance: $1.0 billion


JetBlue also issued an optimistic outlook for the rest of the year, forecasting higher revenue and more flying to the destinations it serves. It's also teaming up with other airlines to bring more passengers to its network. The company said it will partner with El Al Israel Airlines, which will allow travel on both airlines on a single ticket. The company has similar agreements with Irish carrier Aer Lingus, German airline Lufthansa and American Airlines.

Revenue: $872.5 million +8.0%
Net Income: +$84.0 million
Cash Balance: $1.2 billion


Baggage fees provided a $27 million revenue boost to Alaska’s second-quarter performance. The company’s second quarter adjusted net earnings represent the best quarterly profit in it's history. Aviation Week Magazine named Alaska Airlines the “Top-Performing Airline” in the world among mainline/legacy

Revenue: $700.6 million +16.1%
Net Income: +$12.4 million
Cash Balance: $535.0 million


Second-quarter earnings plunged 84 percent as higher costs and bad bets on the price of fuel offset rising revenue. Plans to cut costs for at least two years and said it will defer the delivery of nine Boeing 737s that were scheduled to be delivered between 2011 and 2014. They are now set to be delivered between 2015 and 2017.

Revenue: $683.3 million +113%
Net Income: +$2.6 million
Cash Balance: $416.9 million


The cost of combining Frontier and Midwest actually pushed down Republic’s second-quarter 2010 earnings for the quarter by 82 percent from the second quarter in 2009. Income before taxes on the fixed-fee (regional) operations was $18.2 million for the quarter. Frontier posted a loss before taxes of $14.2 million for the second quarter. However, excluding items, Frontier produced a pre-tax profit of $2.9 million for the second quarter. During the quarter the Company took delivery of two A320 aircraft and the final two E190 aircraft previously purchased from US Airways and removed six Q400 aircraft from service. The Company also placed back into service two E145 aircraft that were previously removed to be returned to the lessors. The total operational fleet remains unchanged from March 31, 2010 at 282
aircraft as of June 30, 2010.

Revenue: $649.8 million -7%
Net Income: +$18.7 million
Cash Balance: $746.1 million


Reached agreement to aquire ExpressJet Holdings for $133 million and merge it into it's Atlantic Southeast Airlines unit. The combined airline would fly 696 aircraft, while serving 350 cities with 4,000 daily departures. At June 30, 2010, SkyWest's fleet totaled 452 aircraft, consisting of 404 regional jets (232 assigned to Delta Air Lines, Inc. ("Delta"), 168 assigned to United Air Lines, Inc. ("United"), four assigned to AirTran Airways, Inc. ("AirTran") and 48 EMB-120 aircraft
(36 assigned to United and 12 assigned to Delta).

Revenue: $315.9 million +8.2%
Net Income: +$8.9 million
Cash Balance: $314 million


Hawaiian stated - The introduction of the A-330 to our fleet marks the beginning of a new era in our Company's history. Later this year, we will further expand our horizons with the introduction of Hawaiian's award winning service to Tokyo, and in early 2011 we will launch our first flights to mainland Asia with new service to South Korea.

Revenue: $218.0 million +4%
Net Income: +$5.9 million
Cash Balance: $79.0 million


The Company acquired Mesaba Aviation, Inc. from Delta Air Lines on July 1, 2010. Mesaba operates a fleet of 60 Canadair regional jet aircraft and 32 Saab 340B+ turbo-prop aircraft. With this acquisition, the Company's consolidated fleet has grown from 190 regional aircraft to 282. This acquisition will significantly increase the Company's revenue and operating income, and is expected to result in an increase in net income in the second half of 2010. In late July, the Company took delivery of the first of 15 additional Q400 regional aircraft to be placed in service under the Company's operating agreement with Continental. The Company expects to take delivery of seven additional Q400 aircraft in 2010, and seven Q400 aircraft in the first half of 2011.

Revenue: $168.4 million
Net Income: +$17.6 million
Cash Balance: 185.4 million


Allegiant stated - While we will be limiting our in service fleet growth for the remainder of the year, by the end of this quarter, we will have nine owned MD80's in storage. These aircraft will fund our MD80 growth needs through 2011 and 2012. The MD80 continues to be a work horse for us and is our aircraft of choice for our growth in the lower 48. Our efforts on the 757 certification are progressing and we hope to be permitted to start service to Hawaii sometime in the first half of 2011.

*Net amounts include extraordinary items, all figures obtained from wire reports

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