About Aerocetera

Hello, my name is Ken Shelton and welcome to Aerocetera ! This website was launched as AirlineCentral in 1999, and renamed Aerocetera in 2013. The new site, in a blog style format, attempts to combine my passion for all aspects of the airline industry - including history, nostalgia, financials, news, photos, and more. I try to update the site regularly. So stop by often to catch a glimpse of the most exciting industry in the world !

Instructing the use of the infant life vest during an initial Flight Attendant training module.

About Me:

Over the last 35 years, I have collected hundreds of timetables, safety cards, annual reports, books, videos, and other airline memorabilia. But the spark that ignited this passion came from a single childhood flight. I was "bitten" by the "airline bug" in 1978 after a family trip to Miami from Norfolk, Virginia. On that April day, we departed Norfolk on a National Airlines Boeing 727-200 flying to Miami with a quick stop in Jacksonville, Florida. Upon arrival in Miami, I gazed out of the window as we taxied to the gate and saw the many classic airlines and aircraft that I had only read about. That was the beginning of a life-long passion and eventually a career, that shaped every aspect of who I am today. After high school and some college, I began my career in the airline industry. At 20, I began flying the line as a Flight Attendant, first with TWA in New York and then with Northwest in Boston and Detroit. After 20 years of flying with those companies, I flew regional with Henson/Piedmont and ASA/Delta Connection before moving into inflight training with Air Wisconsin. The last few years I have been working in Ground Operations, first with ASA/Delta Connection as Station Supervisor, and then as CSA with Southwest, where I am today. I have been blessed with over 30 years in this incredible industry. It has truly been an awesome adventure !